Dating in a Future World

With the holidays upon us, we would all like to be with a special someone during this time. Those of us spending the festive period alone turn to the Internet for a solution. Now there are all sorts of online dating sites:

Or some of us might turn to random chatting through many of the instant messaging services like AIM, GTalk, ICQ, MSN, Skype, or Yahoo, which can be another way to meet friends and possibly that special someone. Or maybe using social networking and/or micro-blogging services like Facebook (ugh) and MySpace (double ugh),, Plurk, or Twitter.

However, for the real needy, desperate, looking for a Milla Jovovich (official fan site) look a like, or simply in need of a challenge, you can’t beat:

Thanks to @tatty for thinking of me this Xmas.

Zombies for Tatty

@Tatty always bemoans about zombies. So just for her, I thought I’d pay her tribute with zombie humour.

Thanks !darkgracie for the zombie comics.

And how about some Zombie Baby Jokes. My particular favourites are:

How do you put a zombie baby to sleep?
Decapitate it, set it on fire, and scatter the ashes.

What’s green, blue, red, and tastes funny?
A zombie baby eating a clown.

And for completely outrageous, a movie called Zombie Strippers (a review), which from the trailer actually might be very funny. Too bad @Tatty and !darkgracie didn’t audition.

Other Zombie reading found on Amazon: