It was one of many dark and stormy nights…

Last night while walking Baka, the full moon was large and bright behind hazy clouds that constantly shifted across its face. It was a classic image right out of a Hallow’s Eve, headless horseman, and/or werewolf story.

Of course I was rewarding late in the night with the sounds of rolling thunder and heavy rain. I got up and open a few windows so that I might hear the sound more clearly and drift back to contented sleep under a warm duvet. I love a good storm.

This morning I woke early and took Baka for his walk before my morning run. I was wearing sunglass, though my regular clear lense glasses would have been sufficient. The overcast dawn was dark enough that I didn’t really need sunglasses, but I like the ambient light effect. While a touch darker, they give some tint to the grey light that shows the highlights in the cloudy sky, makes the roads look wetter, leaves a deeper green, or those that have fallen a darker brown. I’m sure the people who drive by me as I’m road running think I’m just a tad weird, but hey, what can I say, other than I like the view.

With the rising of full moons, rain storms, dark sunglasses on a rainy overcast day, in addition to listening to some of Shoutcast Radio Gothic genre selection, in particular:

    Das Radio mit den besten dunklen Liedern
  • GothVille Radio (stream)
    [Dark music for people dressed in black]

I find that I really like the range of style from heavy rock beats, dark lyrics, to gruff Germanic vocals contrasted by a soft female voice. Rich and varied mix in both English and German. A welcomed change from Riviera Radio‘s current play list that lacks new blood. Riviera Radio is good for English radio in France, but the music grows tiring after a while (I’ve come to hate Bob Marley and Barry White music); their best sets are typically during the Monaco Grand Prix, when their morning DJ’s get to let loose more.

So I suspect I’m in a Gothic frame of mind. Maybe I should watch Underworld tonight just to slake my thirst for something different.

This has nothing really has nothing to do with my post other than the hope my mum will read it over the weekend and take the hint. Mmm, Eat-More (order on Amazon). Hmm, wonder if Eat-More might be considered Gothic? It’s certainly dark.

Updated 2010-06-08: Corrected changes in radio station URLs.