Daylight Savings Time (again)

Its that time of year again when many of nations switch to Daylight Saving Time. The idea being that summer evenings will have more day light. Personally I prefer more light in the mornings, since I tend to be a morning personal and get a lot more done in the morning. I detest afternoons, just can’t concentrate. About the best I can do is either have a siesta or play a computer game to take my mind off the day.

Some of the haiku I wrote this week were tagged #haiku #humour #yoda and they were an amusing attempt at writing haiku as the character Yoda from Stars Wars might do, with his odd endearing manner of speaking and succinct wisdom.

In The Snow

I really should have posted these back when we had a second rare snowfall in Cannes back in February. I guess I was hoping there might be a third occurrence to wrap up the winter, but unfortunately no joy. Still I wanted to archive these as they’re so pretty.




Flutter of Petals

atsui o-chaAtsui O-Cha

Nature’s Pastel

The August summer heat and humidity in Cannes is always difficult for me. Lots of tourists, half of which seem to leave their brains at home. Combine that with all the noise from summer renovations (first there was a new real estate agent across the road, followed by a tanning salon that went on and on, and finally an apartment downstairs). Everyone likes to think summer is the time for wonderful warm and peaceful vacations, yet for myself peace and tranquillity come in the autumn and winter months; when people resume the rhythm of their day-to-day lives.

Still, Cannes does have many a calm moment: sitting in cafés drinking tea or wine watching the world go by; walking along the Croisette in the early mornings or late evenings; just being at home watching the sun set over the Estérel hills.