Seeking Silence

I’ve been rather quiet of late. Still going through one of those information overload and reclusive periods where I just turn off instant messaging clients, twitter, put off reading email, and ignore the telephones. This of course means I’ve been less than inspired in my writings. Wouldn’t call it depressed so much as seeking silence.

I really should consider a get-away to the mountains with fresh cool air, pine trees, chilly lakes and streams, less than 10 people per square kilometre, and where the only Internet access is TCP/IP by Carrier Pigeon. Some place like Evian-les-Bains, France; Sweden; northern Quebec; or maybe Cicely, Alaska.

Cannes is a smallish city compared to Nice 35 Km away, but when the film festival and summer high season comes about, the place just swells with tourists that have a tendency to leave their brains at home. Oh hum.

Thankfully, I have a road trip to England to visit friends beginning of August. Hope it rains the whole time I’m there. Yes I’m tad odd.