Anthony Howe C programmer; poet; runner; cook; seeker of truth, love, and the arcane.

Anthony Howe is a Cranbrook old boy 1984, graduate of University of Waterloo BMath 1990, worked as a programmer for Mortice Kern Systems, followed by Archelon before moving to Cannes, France in 1996.

In France he worked as a web designer, field support technician, and system administrator for several regional Internet service providers.

Come 2006, he ventured out on his own and for several years was a self-employed software developer selling anti-spam filtering software for mail servers through resellers and his online business, SnertSoft.

In 2012 Anthony returned to Montreal, Canada, with his little dog Baka doing pretty much the same thing for some one else.

2016 he (and Baka) moved to Ottawa to try his hand at something completely different, like NodeJs and Erlang.