Release of Private Wimp MLM

For those who follow my technical exploits…

SnertSoft is happy to announce Private Wimp, a simple light weight mailing list manager, that is free to download. Private Wimp has been used to manage several mailing lists for past few months now.

It avoids the bloat of Major Domo, Mailman, and Ecartis . Completely written in C and so avoids the overhead of Perl or Python. Installation and configuration is short and simple; all list management can be done remotely by email; always confirms subscribe/unsubscribe requests and admin. commands; handles bounce messages (discard, forward, or removal of unknown users); provides support for four list types (announcement, trusted, closed moderated, open moderated); keeps track of users that unsubscribe; and provides a simple archive structure (similar to Ecartis).

The online documentation can be found here:

Learning New Tricks

I just love Google and Wikipedia for research. I spent the better part of today learning about the Lunar Standard Time (LST) proposal and the Julian Day Number (also the Calendar FAQ is very informative).

I even wrote Javascript classes that implemented them. I thought it would be kind of neat in an odd ball off the wall sense, like expressing the speed of light in furlong per fortnight, to display them here on the blog (see sidebar right). I’ve even had an idea for a new RFC 😉