Zen In All

There can be no god or gods without creating pain and war. For belief in deities creates nothing but division in men.

There does exist Good and Evil, but only as a result of the actions of man helping men or man helping himself.

Man must look into himself and the nature of fellow men. Ignore divining the divine, for claiming to understand divine thought leads to human misery.

There can be no one Faith, for otherwise we are all pagans and heretics to one another, for there will always be difference of opinion and interpretations of words and meaning, even among those of the same professed Faith.

If there be deity, would such expect prayer, worship, or sacrifice? Or would they more likely to be content that their mortal creations live, discover, and explore life.

If there be no deity, then a man claiming their existence wastes his life in the pursuit of nothing.

Whether deity be or not is of no matter, as neither answer can be clearly proved. Faith in either concept is wasted.

Best to understand our own nature and thoughts. How to balance the needs of ourself with those of many. Find Faith then in the good within ourself and in the nobility of man.

No man can be told what to believe or how to act, only learn informed choices, and thus left to his own mind in belief and action.