Kiss Lips Goodbye

Well spring is well under way here in Cannes. The long Easter weekend has come and gone. May is just around the corner with its many holidays, May Day, 1945 Armistice, Ascension, and Pentecôte. Almost one a week. Add to that the mayhem of the Cannes Film Festival (offical) and Monaco Grand Prix being held at the same time. The airports and roads will be chaos!

And after May, I say my final goodbyes to the French Riviera and move to Montreal, Canada for a new job; still writing code, still fighting junk email (spam). A return to my city of birth. Should prove very different. I’ve visited Montreal many a time, but never lived there. Parents moved to Toronto when I was but three weeks old. It will be nice. I’ll be a little closer (physically) to my parents and brother, much closer to my aunt and cousins. Once more the wheel turns to bring with it new possibilities.

This early morning run and those till I depart carry the strong fragrant smells of spring: wisteria and jasmine. One the fond memories I’ll carry away.