Pizza Shop #Cannes Fails To Deliver

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I thank you for being fuckers.

For all the claims of quality, you fail to respect service. I’ve already
announce on Twitter #Cannes

your failures and I’ll publish in other Internet places related to Cannes / Cote d’Azur your refusal to respect common practice concerning 10-points for a free pizza.

Your most current flyer claims free delivery and makes no exceptions concerning 10 points for a free pizza. All the competitors, especially Mister Pizza (, respect the concept of delivering a 10-point free pizza. PIZZA SHOP DOES NOT!

Your requirement that I must order a regular pizza at the same time as the free pizza is unreasonable for single person. How do you expect one person to eat two pizzas?! Totally stupid. Typically french as the english have come to know; certainly wanker behaviour

I’ve including, Mister Pizza, and friends in this communication. I hope that they publish these details about your
failures to respect common practices.

Update: since the Pizza Shop fuckers won’t respect the “10-point get one free” concept, I’ve opted to order from a new different delivery place in Cannes, Wasabi d’Azur(04 93 39 55 70). This is my second time trying their service. No point system, but at least honest and friendly thus far.