Crush the Infamy

Anjelika Jinx, who writes the Naive London Girl sex blog and podcast, and is a lovely amusing person in real life, rose early yesterday morning somewhat grouchy so she said; so I tried to cheer her up.

@inotherwords_c never seems to sleep and is a haiku night owl. When I’m just rising for the day, she’s in the throws of haiku ecstasy before bed. I find that I like to play off her haiku, transforming them while maintaining a theme, like a game of telephone.

The image @blugnu painted by this comment I found stimulating. I’m thinking Anjelika might get some ideas from this as well (me waves).

@blugnu’s remark and my early morning mood to write some thing different, took me along a new tangent from volts to Voltaire. Having found some choice quotes of Voltaire, I felt as though I had been jolted to life like Frankenstein’s monster (Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 version was excellent). So with the day’s power before me I began an experiment along new currents to blend the philosophy of Voltaire with a Japanese literary art form.

Quoi que vous fassiez, écrasez l’infâme, et aimez qui vous aime. – Voltaire
Whatever you do, crush the infamous thing, and love those who love you.