Konohana’s Embrace

As often seen in my haiku, I’m very fond of Eos, the Greek Goddess of Dawn and Selene, Greek Goddess of the Moon. The dawn and the moon are powerful moments and symbols, constants in our lives.

I love the early dawn, with its changing hues from deep navy blues, purples, reds, orange, to bright light. I like to walk and/or run early to feel this moment. It is a shame that most of the world are still silent and fail to experience this beauty. Mind you the silence of dawn is one of the draws for me to rise early and go forth before others despoil it.

Similarly with the moon, it is a strong symbol in many mythos. For myself, having travelled and lived overseas from family and friends, the Moon for me as a teen became a messenger to whom I could voice a thought of affection to give to loved ones living far away. Late night or early morning walks with Baka often accord many wonderful sights of Selene’s visage.

Now I welcome a new goddess to worship and praise in verse, Konohana in Japan is The Blossom Princess, Goddess of Spring. I hope to voice many a haiku in tribute, though the blooms of mimosas, wisteria, judas tress have now past, leaving only the jasmine. I think she and I will become good friends.