Yesterday I was awoken early (6h00) by a happily chirping telephone informing me of new messages. I had planned to sleep in a little, but alas no. So pouring my body and mind into a track suit and shoes, Baka and I braved the cool dark navy blue dawn. The moon was full and the air scented as we walked the street in silence. Despite the cool air of autumn’s approach, the dawn had a sensual almost feminine cast. Like a lover whispering in your ear.

Yet in contrast during this morning’s early walk with Baka, I could see dark clouds in a crescent shape sitting still and unchanging in the east over the hills of Cannes. The air was very still and not a sound to disturb the silence, as though standing in the eye of storm. When we turned to return I could see the full moon in the west. It was like an eye gazing and challenging, daring the potentially stormy weather to advance.

However, now looking from my kitchen window, it looks as though the clouds have wimped out, having decided to stay put and gather more nerve while they consider whether they should be a storm or not. I was so looking forward to an intense cool rainy day, maybe accompanied by the sparks of Thor’s hammer.