Psi Dog

As the leaves turn colour and tumble to earth, Hallows’ Eve approaches once more, the grand event of the season. Candy, costumes, parties. And with it my new employer in Ottawa, SSi Micro, arrange a staff pumpkin carving contest where contestants must some how work “SSi” (not Psi Ψ) logo/initials into the pumpkin. Do you see it?



Motivational Posters



Some in the office this week were talking about motivational posters. The only one I could remember was “Knowledge is Power” from when I was a kid in the ’70s visiting my aunt in Montreal where it hung on the back of her bathroom door. Never forgot the image, though I think the writing on this version is different.


So I’ve (Cmdr. Snert) been playing Elite: Dangerous since Premimum Beta as a “Founding Member” last year. For those of you who don’t know the game, its the fourth sequel to the original Elite for BBC Micro released in 1984 and its brilliant; I originally started with Frontier Elite II on the AtariST.

Check out all the YouTube videos showing different stages of the game during testing and since its public release December 2014. There is the Flight Assist Off series showing various types of game play. Elite: Dangerous has an ever changing galaxy influenced by players actions, regardless whether you play open, private group, or solo (network connection required and half decent joystick; keyboard/mouse possible, but not easy).

Anyway. When you’re not playing space trucker, miner, bounty hunter, pirate, etc. there have been some activities arranged by Frontier and other players like @katerussell, such as Speed Docking and Sidewinder Demolition Derbie respectively.

I came up with a new activity, a cross between Speed Docking and Demolition Derbie, I call “Tapping“. Essentially you fly a Sidewinder (cheapest ship available), and position youself at 3Km from the portal of a Corilois station (or similar enclosed station), race inside, tap the back wall with your shields, and exit the station; landing request optional. Time starts from throttle up and finishes on throttle zero just outside the portal cage antenna. Mentioned it to @katerussell this morning and she thought the idea was “awesome”.

For those who don’t want to purchase Elite: Dangerous or still without decent Internet connection, there is an open source free single player Elite clone, Oolite, for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has an add-on package system that allows you to customise the game, graphics, missions, etc. Its playable with a keyboard and/or gamepad.